Thursday, February 26, 2009

Training a team of girls

Many coaches who have successfully coached a football team successfully flounder when they are asked to train a team of the opposite sex. Some people attribute this to a superiority complex that appears in the form of an extremely demanding coach who is one step short of flogging the players to stardom. While this remains a possibility, the probability that the coach does not know the difference in training between the sexes is very high. So here are a few things to help in understanding how a team comprised of the fairer sex is coached, whilst helping new trainers in getting off to a decent start with their wards.

- The first and foremost thing is to make sure that the trainer treats both boys as well as girls equally. Any form of allegiance shown will lead to a fatal blow in the overall development of the team.

- Establish a healthy relationship between the players, as tension between teammates could pose as a serious threat to performances on the field. Girls are particularly sensitive by nature, and it is therefore imperative that any form of evil is nipped in the bud.

- Instil a sense of democracy where every player believes that her words, or actions on the pitch are valued and count towards the progression of the squad as a whole.

- Unlike the boys who can go without constant encouragement, a coach will have to regularly provide some encouraging words to his wards. Women are analytical and may not always take kindly to harsh criticism, unlike the men, who will normally take the coach’s words at face value.

- Maintaining a distance from the players may work with the guys, but it seldom makes for a good coach among the girls. A good interaction between the boss and his players is always the basis for the players to develop a sense of respect towards their superior.

- On the physical front, the training should be slightly shorter than what is normal for the boys, and should include drills that bond the team well.

Social and psychological aspects are the most important while training girls when compared to the way boys are trained. With a sound understanding of the team and each girl’s mentality, a coach can turn his team into a winning combination.